Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I'm about to cut someone

One of the little freakazoids that was in my classroom third period (not one of my students -- since it's the day before Thanksgiving, half of the teachers in the building are gone (because it's not like this is a real job with expectations or requirements) and so I've been asked to take in rando kids all day, and it was one of them that did this (also I wouldn't call my children freakazoids. I like my children and have a vested interest in helping them feel good about themselves. But I don't know these other people's kids, and so they are freakazoids) (is this too much for a parenthetical statement? meh.)) took the bag of candy I was using as prizes during my math bingo game. Seriously dude? You come into my room - uninvited - and take the candy that I was giving out? I was GIVING IT OUT! You could have had some! If I ever find out your name I am going to make sure that you end up in one of my classes every year for the rest of your high school career so I can play games and no matter how many times you win I will NEVER give you candy because you stole - STOLE - candy from me today. This is my version of revenge.

Happy f-ing Thanksgiving, douchebag.

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ms. mindless said...

oooh, i hate getting tons of random kids in my room on the day before a break!