Friday, December 5, 2008

Anger Management Issues

My third period class is a little, let's say, rambunctious. Some might say crazy. I've developed a plan to deal with the crazy, and it seems to be working better.

Even so, I was pretty shocked today when a student, during the middle of my lesson, lept out of his seat, put his pencil to the neck of the girl behind him, and yelled "I will f*ing stab you in the neck if you don't leave me alone!" Yikes, right? I removed the child from my room, and he began to punch lockers in the hallway. An assistant principal heard the commotion and came to take him away.

After school, I had this conversation with the administrator:

Administrator: Mr. Potter, I talked with *crazy student* and he said that the girl was poking at him.
Mr. Potter: OK, well, that's not really an excuse.
Aministrator: Well, that student has anger management issues.
Mr. Potter: You think???

Am I too hard on this kid? It seems to me, if you hold a pencil to someone's neck and threaten to stab that person, you maybe shouldn't be in a classroom with people. Should it matter that you have anger management issues?


Daniel L. said...

Poke < Stab. I think you did the right thing.

Daniel L. said...

Mr. Potter, would love to get your opinion on the truancy issue plaguing DCPS and DC charter schools. According to WAMU's recent reporting, the percentage of truancy-related problems in equal for both types of establishments. Any thoughts on what needs to be done?

WAMU's report - Part I (

Part II - (

Anonymous said...

It may be true that the student has anger management issues, but thats not really an excuse. Even though you teach in a high school, your students should still feel safe at school, especially if they're going to learn anything.