Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Conference Day Strikes Again

Today was parent teacher conference day in DCPS, and these are always interesting days. My favorite thing is when parents come in with the kids. All of a sudden the kids who, in class, are like "Mother F-this" and "I'm so thuggy, G-Unit!" are instead like "Yes, ma'am, I'll do better." (I was talking with an administrator about how why it is that our kids are perfectly behaved in the classrooms of older black women, and he had this to say: "Well, it appears to me that black men are scared to death of their mothers. So any teacher that reminds them of their mothers is automatically terrifying." I don't know if it's true, but it makes some sense. Also, I think the effect is multiplied generationally because whenever a kid's grandmother comes in there is sure to be an ass kicking. Those old broads don't play around.)

On the whole, today was good. I got caught up on some organizational stuff for my class, and I met with a good number of parents. And not just the parents of really well-behaved kids, but I actually got to meet with the parents of kids who really need some help. The best, though, was a parent whose kid is very smart but who sometimes acts up in class and causes problems. She gave me her cell phone number and said, "Call me whenever you need to -- call during class even. My daughter isn't here to look cool, she's here to learn. Feel free to embarrass the hell out of her." Yes, please.

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Anonymous said...

I gather you teach secondary math. I'm in an elementary school where we get many more parents come out for parent-teacher conference day, even the one yesterday which is habitually badly attended compared to the first one. Plus our principal didn't help matters by informing parents at the last minute of it. Yeah, it's on the DCPS calendar, but so what? Parents always look for fliers in their child's bookbag and there wasn't one sent til the last minute.
In elementary schools, kids are still scared of "I'm gonna whip out my cell phone and call your momma" routine and we use it to the fullest.