Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Semi-Snow Day

Today was a complete and utter waste of an educational day, but I still don't blame Michelle Rhee for not canceling school.

Yes, there were only about 100 kids in school today (out of around 900 enrolled). Yes, more than 25 teachers called in sick. Yes, we did not have any classes, and kids spent most of the day (which started late, at 10:45) watching movies or playing games. Yes, the teachers and students who did come to school had to brave some pretty treacherous conditions (I personally slipped like 15 times on my walk to school -- thankfully no falls).

But, as Chancellor Rhee has said before, there are many children in this city who only get two meals a day: the free breakfast and free lunch provided by their schools. A day off would have been nice, but where are those kids going to get food? Perhaps the Chancellor's office should look into instating some sort of inclement weather task force that will help distribute meals to students even if school is canceled. But that doesn't exist yet. So, for the time being, I'm satisfied with the decision to keep schools open today.


Anonymous said...

So does Michelle think the kids don't eat during the weekends, holidays and summer?

Dee Does The District said...

None of my students showed up and less than 15% of the school showed up. It's the first of the month so there's plenty of government assistance to help feed them. Even NYC and Boston closed!