Saturday, January 31, 2009

WTU: Feel my wrath

Candi Peterson over at The Washington Teacher has a post asking about where the WTU teacher contract proposal is. Apparently yesterday, January 30th, was the day it was supposed to be presented to Michelle Rhee. I've heard not a peep about it.

Now, I'm no union insider (although I'm a member, I don't receive emails, have a union card, or generally know what's going on, despite having sent numerous emails asking the WTU to resolve these problems). But if Candi Peterson doesn't know what's up, then my guess is our union leadership has said / done nothing. She generally seems to know what's going on, being on the board and all.

So my question is this: what do our union leaders do all day? I pay quite a bit every two weeks to have the union represent me, and besides getting awkward robo calls (is there seriously no way to not have those phone messages start with like 20 seconds of silence? can we really not crack that technology?) every Sunday, they don't seem to do much. From what I've observed, George Parker and Nathan Saunders (ugh, don't even get me started on Saunders... he and I have some beef) seem to spend most of their time not liking each other and writing down the vaguely inflammatory things that the other says for use in the media, which of course has learned to stop calling them since they don't actually do anything.

On another, related note: have you seen the WTU website? What the hell is that? Seriously, my mom has a better website than this, and she once thought that if I checked my email while I was away at college it might tie up their phone line at home. And yes, I'm showing my age; I once used dial-up.


lodesterre said...

I swear this union makes me despair. I went to the website and, what do you know, a picture of George. Feelings of that disastrous meeting in September of 08 rose up - you know the meeting, the one where people were yelling "JUST TELL US, GEORGE!"

I honestly believe that these guys couldn't find their way out of a floodlit box. The thing is, I believe in unions. I want this one to actually work. Do you know of anyone that is talking about running for the positions who would be any good? Or are we stuck with Howard, Fine, and Howard?

Anonymous said...

What is our union doing? They are in cushy jobs that got them out of the classroom. That's the dream of every DCPS veteran, to either go work downtown as some content specialist(but not these days under Rhee)or get a union position. Both Saunders and Parker previously taught in really rough SE schools. And being in the union leadership got them out of breaking up fights, dealing with nasty parents, vindictive principals and having to actually teach.

The New Teacher on the Block said...

Yeah...I don't get the emails. I got my card and my name is spelled wrong. Twice. Awesome.
The adaptive PE teacher at my school wants to run for the next union president and he'd be perfect...he never comes in to work and (and I quote) does not work on Fridays or the week before holidays. He makes 90K a year, drives a BMW, and spends more time writing letters to Michelle Rhee and the city council about how hard his life is and how she's being ageist towards him and his fellow veteran teachers. Too bad he never actually teaches anything.