Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Are you kidding me, G. Park?

Apparently the WTU did manage to send a contract proposal to the Chancellor's office this past weekend. Of course, the WTU membership has no idea what is contained in that proposal. Click here to read the half-witted non-information that members were presented with.

I go absolutely bonkers when the union does this. Whenever I complain that the union is moronic, and that it doesn't accurately represent me, I get some cock-and-bull story about how I am the union, so I need to make my voice heard. Crap.

I send emails and make phone calls all the time, I attend the meetings at my school (when they occur, which is once so far this year), and I try to go to the WTU meetings (no one ever seems to know when they take place, and they seem to be cancelled every other week), and the letter I get from my union is two full pages of nothing. Their proposal supports "the overarching goals of the DCPS five year plan," with no more detail than that. Wow. Insightful.

The people that run this union are not smart. They are bad at leading and accomplishing things, and they have no desire for people who are good at leading and accomplishing things to be involved because then there would be good leadership and stuff would get accomplished and that doesn't work for these lot. They prefer gross incompetence. I think they believe that if they just keep doing a poor job of things in a hard-headed manner, maybe Michelle Rhee will just quit and leave them alone.



Dee Does The District said...

Love love love this blog!!

Wyrm said...

Were you really surprised? I was stunned that we were allowed to hear anything. I really think that we are going to be working under this contract for the next 2-3 years. Rhee has no major incentive to give us more money, and the union doesn't seem to be able to stop her from doing what she wants anyhow.

16 months since our contract expired, and we just now offered a contract proposal... that's just sad.

lodesterre said...

God!!!! Yeah, I know, I made the "you are the union" comment. I also hate, simply, hate the leadership we have in our union. It is embarrassing and, ultimately, humiliating. I also said these guys couldn't find their way out of a floodlit box in broad daylight and once again they have proved me right. I do know this, I plan to vote when elections come and I still plan to make my displeasure known as loudly as possible. It might be, as it sometimes is with the students I teach, that I am talking to a wall, but I will do so nonetheless.

Daniel said...

Mr. P, would love to hear your thoughts on Prez Obama's high praises during his visit to Capital City Public Charter school? What are you thoughts on Public vs. Charter schools in general? Do you feel like charter schools have succeeded where public schools have failed?


Anonymous said...

It appears from reading the blogs the Executive Board does not know exactly what is in the proposal either. They never saw a final submission. The leadership is George Parker only definitely not Nathan Saunders. I read TheWashingtonTeacher.blogspot.com, NathanSaunders.bogs.com and the picture becomes clearer. This is an interesting and complex drama unfolding around us. More of us should pay attention because we are paying for the the WTU decisions. The same comments here are widely circulating as the consensus. Don't trust any of them, I want to read it for myself. What is in the proposal?