Monday, March 9, 2009

DC's Got Talent

This weekend I was talking with a teacher from a different school (a public charter, as it turns out). We were talking about how we love our students (usually), but how the adults in our building can drive us insane. I thought DCPS had the Bat-Ass Crazy People award on lock-down, but it turns out that there's a charter school that may have us beat.

This teacher said that one day a couple of weeks ago the administration decided to cancel school. They didn't tell anyone until the day before, and announced to the kids, teachers, and parents that school would be canceled for a teacher in-service day. Then, when teachers came, they decided to have a -- get ready for this -- Faculty Talent Show. Duh. I don't know why I didn't think about that. Of course, the answer to fixing urban education isn't accountability or teacher quality -- it's an increased frequency of teacher talent shows!

According to my friend, the talent show lasted like 4 hours. Teachers just sat and watched each other perform. All day. This was instead of doing collaborative planning or analyzing test data or -- heaven forbid -- teaching children how to do things.

Maybe one of my readers knows more about this situation -- I was too flummoxed to ask any clarifying questions, of which I have plenty now. This definitely is the wackiest thing I've heard of administrators at any school doing...


lodesterre said...

I am smiling as I write this because it is almost too loopy to believe. A talent show? FOUR HOURS?!! Oh, how I hope there is something that makes its way to YouTube from this - that would just be the icing on the cake.
And the only other thing I can say is thank God you said it was a charter school. I am so tired of DCPS being the poster child for bad decisions. FOUR HOURS???!!!!

BCC said...

Holy Crap. You should spill the beans on which school this is: it's unethical to keep parents in the dark.