Thursday, June 4, 2009

But it was excused!

Yesterday one of my "favorite" (and by "favorite" I mean loudest) students was conspicuously missing from class. It was weird because she's almost always present, and we had a test. I thought nothing of it and assumed that she was just sick. Then she came in today. The following conversation ensued:

Mr. Potter: *Student*, you missed a test yesterday. You need to make it up.
Student: But Mr. Potter, I have an excuse!
MP: Well, you still need to make it up -- what's the excuse?
S: I was in court!
MP: For what?!
S: Stealing form Target.

Oh, OK child. No test for you.


Wyrm said...

Actually, I think DCPS regs make it clear that court dates are excused absences (at least that's what I've been told)

Toby said...

Yes, being in court is an excused absence. But she still has to make up the test if the teacher wants her to, needs the grade, has to determine is the skills have been mastered. But because it's an excused absence, I interpret that to mean it's not an automatic zero.

Wyrm said...

I believe I misread the original post, reading the last line to mean that she would not be allowed to make up the test (reading comprehension would be why I'm a math teacher :-) ).

Clearly she should make up the test.

Mr. Potter said...

Ha-- yes, thanks for clarifying. She's absolutely allowed to make up the test. In fact, she was hoping that, by virtue of being in court, she wouldn't have to take the test. I guess she was looking for a silver lining? No such luck.