Saturday, September 12, 2009

I didn't see that coming

According to an article in the Washington Post, enrollment in DCPS is actually close to the targets set by administrators when negotiating the schools' budget for this year.

You may remember the hullabaloo (that's a fun word, eh?) about Rhee's enrollment projections for this year. People called her crazy, stupid, and misleading. (Personally, I thought she was just being overly and foolishly optimistic.) Turns out, she and her team got it pretty close to right. We are only a couple hundred kids away from the predicted (and budgeted) enrollment. This is significant, because it may represent a stabilizing of the years of rapidly declining enrollment in DCPS. And (if previous years are any indication) when some charter schools* start kicking kids out and sending them back to DCPS, this year's enrollment might actually exceed last year's.

*Some charter schools. Not all. I know those of you who teach at charter schools might go into a tizzy without that qualifier. And no one wants to see teachers it a tizzy.


Neither did I said...

I was also pleasantly surprised and hope it marks the start of things getting turned around in DCPS. I know that in my school, our enrollment is up. My school is becoming more diverse and more reflective of the neighborhood (more white families instead of none and fewer FARMS). That is to say some more affluent (read white) neighborhood families are not automatically ruling out our school, but actually considering it. We've added another early childhood and PreK class. So many people say Rhee is trying to destroy public education in Washington and that cannot be further from the truth. Sure, some of her reforms may seem radical or ill-thought out, but DCPS is in serious trouble. This enrollment increase was really positive news.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone truly believe there was an enrollment increase?

Kings said...

anonymous - I'm with you -- I'll believe it when I see the independent audit.

At this point, it's just words out of Rhee's mouth and that venue has not been a source of reliable information up to now.

The Writing is on the Wall said...

I am waiting for the proof too.

As far as claims that Rhee is trying to destroy public education, the key word is PUBLIC.

Like Fenty, she wants to outsource as many jobs as possible to private companies--cafeteria workers, social workers, janitors, counselors, tech support, etc.

In addition, she is giving away the operation of schools--Anacostia, Dunbar, and Coolidge--to private management firms.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

RiverEast admin said...

My Southeast school is actually 30 kids above projection due to hard work of the office staff. I am not sure how others are doing, but my former school I hear is more than 100 kids below.

I think the audit will be interesting, but I thought that the first day of school numbers were bogus since in many schools, students wait till after labor day to come back. Of course that is crazy in itself.

Anonymous said...

Neither did I said makes reference to FARMS - I've not heard this term before. Can someone please clarify for a newbie?

Anonymous said...

FARMS is used by DOE and others in education to refer to students who receive free and reduced meals (mostly lunch), which is to say low income. If a school has enough of them, there are federal funds granted under Title I of NCLB. If there are more than 25 in the testing grades, it becomes a subgroup for AYP purposes.