Tuesday, September 29, 2009

This made me laugh

If, like me, you're anxious about the firings this week, you probably need something light-hearted to help you relax. So read this. Enjoy!


Inquiring Mind said...

So who got riffed at your school? The numbers were supposed to be high in HS, so tell all.

Anonymous said...

I am the husband of a talented and passionate young teaching fellow who was riffed today after more than two years of dedicated service to her students.

Her urgent dedication to helping raise the achievement of high need and disadvantaged students has been a theme of her career. In rural Nepal, aged just 18, she creatively led a class of primary students through an uninspiring national curriculum (often protecting them from the headmaster's cane). In east London, she worked patiently to improve the employment prospects and English language skills of impoverished Bangladeshi immigrants. In Sudan, she developed a practical curriculum to improve the spoken language skills and cultural awareness of thousands of primary school children and hundreds of university students. On arriving in the district, she worked to train teachers for placements overseas before being accepted into the DC Fellows program, where, for the last couple of years she has worked tirelessly to raise the achievement levels of DC's young men and women.

I am so angry about the turn of events that led to her dismissal and so totally exhausted by the lack of support and appreciation by the successive administrations of her school that my faith in the DC school system and its leadership is all but gone. I question both the competence and strategy of its leadership at both a district and school level, but most of all I cannot understand the turn of events that led to her being evaluated as teacher that should be dismissed under any circumstances.

I am the fortunate position to have witnessed her inspirational teaching and her tireless dedication to her students. I include myself amongst the many teachers she has trained, and was impressed and inspired when I taught alongside her in Sudan. She was observed for no more the five minutes by her current administration.

The DC public school system is truly in a sorry, sorry state. Today, in my humble opinion, DC students lost one of their most caring and committed advocates. They cannot afford to loose many more.

DCPS Veteran said...

I just talked to my friend who works in another DC school. The riffing in her school included a teacher who had been a gift and one school secretary. At my school, the teacher riffed had been on the 90 day plan a number of times but it never lead to termination. Now she's out.

Come on, Harry said...

Are you too busy lesson planning? Is the weather too nice for you to be indoors on your computer? You haven't posted something about the riffs which were big on the high school level. What gives?

Were you riffed? said...

It's not possible!! Were you? Tell us what happened in your school, as most high schools really took a hit. We won't guess what school you're at. Were they unjust riffs, a bunch of deadbeats who finally got the ax, what happened?