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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Harry Potter and the Public Embarassment

After school, I was walking out and I saw that a former student was carrying Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Being that I, essentially, am Harry Potter, I was STOKED. I told her that the book was AMAZING and that she should come and talk to me about it once she finished reading it. I asked her if she'd read the first six books and whether or not she LOVED them, because I did. She was pretty mortified that I was being so nerdy to her. Also, she was with like five of her friends. Whoops. Was that embarrassing? My bad.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

2 things that are amazing in VERY different ways

First thing (amazingly bad) - this conversation I had with a hall-walker during my planning period:

Mr. Potter: *Student*, why aren't you in class?
Student: Hi Mr. Potter. This school is boring. I want to transfer to Dunbar.
Mr. Potter: But Dunbar doesn't have walls. What do you think is going on at Dunbar that's so different from here?
Student: There's, like, stuff. And classes. I would go to classes at Dunbar instead of just walking the halls.
Mr. Potter: But there are no halls in Dunbar.
Student: Exactly.

Of course he's bored here! He doesn't go to class!

Second thing (amazingly good) - I tried a new management technique with my classes today that I heard about from a colleague. Essentially, you say that everyone who wants to learn sits in one half of the room, and everyone who doesn't want to learn sits in the other. Then you only teach the half that wants to learn. The great thing is that nobody is going to say, "Oh, I'm stupid. I don't want to learn." Because of course they do actually all want to learn. So then all the kids sit on the good side. But if they start talking or not working or putting their heads down, you say "I thought you wanted to learn? Which side do you want to sit on?" REVOLUTIONARY. I had children who have not done work all advisory actually learning! Of course, they could learn all along, but they weren't because they didn't ever have to make that choice. I'm going to keep this up.